The following games are ongoing projects of mine. All art direction , modeling, code, shaders and texturing is all done by me. The unity code is java script. The shaders are either cg or hlsl. The levels are all created dynamically at run-time. I wrote an xml based dynamic level loader using mel and java script. All the levels are built using tiles. The levels are assembled in maya. A mel script is run in maya and an xml file is written out. The loading sequence for a level in game reads the xml and generates the level out of the prefab tiles.The number of tiles in a level is only capped by the size of the lightmap.
Vik Viking
The working title for this was Vik Viking. It was a designed as a simple action adventure. I was inspired to make it the child of zelda2 and Diablo. It was a simple pick up and put down adventure with lots of re-playability due to dynamic levels and multiple game paths. The lighting was all baked-in except for props and characters who had a simple blinn. It was meant as a one handed commuter ride game. I wanted an adventure game that did not employ "virtual joysticks" as a mechanic. The character would move to whatever place on the screen you tapped. Opening doors and chests relied on a single tap. Fighting monsters relied on multiple taps each representing 1 attack or swing. The last 2 images are in game. All other images are from maya with custom cg or hlsl shaders.
Tilt World
Tilt world was designed as a simple mini-golf style game. It was created for iphone and relied on the accelerometer and gyroscope aspects of the iphone for game play. Tilting the phone resulted in the movement of the ball in that direction. It was meant as a one handed commuter ride game. The game consisted of 4 different worlds. Each world had different properties ,grass, rock, wood or dirt. The balls physics reacted differently with each surface type. The world menu chooser rotated by touch similar in functionality to coverFlow. After choosing a world, then choosing one of 9 levels, balls drop from the sky and land on the surface. You have 60 seconds to put the given number of balls in the holes. In each level points are awarded for an early finish. completing levels unlocks harder levels and worlds. These images are all iphone screen grabs.

Video Zoom grab
Video zoom grab is designed to allow the user to show a continuous breakdown of frames given a range. It was created to speed up research for a project. I wanted to look through 5 seasons of a particular TV program (sg atlantis) to find city reference for modeling and realization using the UDK. I was not re-watching 4300 minutes again, just to take screengrabs. When the program starts you can load an episode. By default it gives you a filmstrip of 24 frames representing the 44 min of the show. You can then choose a start and end frame by clicking on the frame. Then set a given number of frames that you want represented by that time period. Click the subframe button and a new filmstrip of your selected time period is represented by the set number of frames. repeat. at anytime you can get a contact sheet created of your frames.

Cyan is a game for my toddler to help him learn letters and colors using the xbox. It is written in C# using the XNA framwork. Runs on windows and PC. This is largely a prototype that will go through many iterations as I try to figure out game dynamics that 2 year old can understand. All code, designs and illustrations are by me.
iteration 1 - The xbox controller buttons show up on screen right. Random letters are placed over the buttons. An illustration of food comes up on the screen left. The idea is to associate the letter the food item starts with to the letter on one of the buttons and push the corresponding colored button. Wrong guesses are grayed out. when the correct letter in chosen the next item comes up. Conclusion: Seems its a bit of a stretch for a two year old. Too many variables to connect. food -> letter ->color -> button. a simpler dynamic is needed.
iteration 2 - A food item comes up on the top of the screen. Random letters along the bottom. using either stick, dpad or bumpers to highlight a cursor that is moved over the letters. Pressing the green button selects your choice. Wrong guesses are grayed out. when the correct letter in chosen the next item comes up.

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