Production Work
My regular routine requires me to make life easier or faster for other members on my team. This leads me from writing quick scripts for fast wrangling to long complex production tools. Some of my production accomplishments are tools that have included the following:
  • Perforce wrangling Written in mel, python or php. Automated check-in, checkout and processing from database/cvs with emailed reports on job completion status.
  • Render Farm written in python with php fronted web applications for job submission and management.
  • Dynamic assembly Written in mel and python. Dynamically build, clean and assemble maya files from assets chosen from depot via php web interface.
  • Documentation Extensive and versatile documentation of tools and pipelines using rich web environment.
  • Animation library Written in mel with extensive gui. Save, load or transfer animation to other rigs. copy, save or mirror full or partial poses. all files saved in xml style.
  • Validation tools Written in mel, various tools to validate maya files with complete error report to ensure proper build for engine.
  • Hair tools Written in mel. trimming down complex hair creation pipeline and wrapping of paint effects tools.
  • Automated rig creation Written in mel. Rig is automatically created given xml parameters. rig includes ik/fk, automatically placed selection handles, dynamically generated scripts and nodes for complex transformations.
  • Mo-cap rig Written in mel. Rig designed to work in "layers" allowing ik/fk adjustments or complete reanimation to existing mo-cap (think motion builder light in maya)

The preceding list is by no means complete but offers a slice of what I have done. The following are a couple of scripts I find myself giving out all the time.

Everyday Scripts
 copy paste weights
 replace shaders
 rename all images in folder based on date created
 modify (find replace) all jpg in folder
 python batch script for batch mel
 create thumbs for all img in folder
 use all img in a folder as web page

 surface shader
 surface shader with texture
 surface shader with texture and alpha blend/test
 normal map shader
 normal map with detail map

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